AP-HP Office of Technology Transfer, Licensing & Industrial Ventures

The Office of Technology Transfer, Licensing & Industrial Ventures (OTTLIV) is part of one of the world’s leading hospital group, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP).
Established more than 20 years ago, OTTLIV is responsible for protecting and leveraging the intellectual property generated by AP-HP’s network of 37 hospitals in the Paris. It aims to create the best conditions to bring to market innovative products and services from AP-HP for the ultimate benefit of the patient. These products and services have their origins in hospital care and clinical research performed by AP-HP departments, laboratories and teams involving clinical practitioners, nursing staff, managers and others.

OTTLIV shares many of the activities and objectives of the world’s leading technology transfer offices. It also offers a unique focus on innovations emanating directly from the hospital environment as well as from universities. Companies worldwide have benefitted from IP developed at AP-HP. They include many of the world’s largest medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies. OTTLIV provides active and valuable support for those wanting to develop innovative projects and those who possess special know-how. It sets up carefully designed partnerships for innovators involving them with French and international medical and biomedical firms and other research institutions to maximize the chances of success. OTTLIV’s highly qualified and highly motivated team handles a wide range of tasks in the innovation process.

  • Chercheuse

    Sourcing & protection of innovations

    Identifying and protecting innovations generated by AP-HP personnel This may entail : Applying for patents covering, for example, medical devices and equipment, new agents or new indications, diagnostic markers, genetic sequences and/or mutations and biomaterials Copyright protection including software, databases and methods Protection of trademarks, designs & models including communication tool OTTLIV can tap into […]

  • géluleur - porteur de projet

    Technology transfer

     Targeting and proactive prospecting of industrial partners Negotiating contracts covering areas such as know-how and patent licenses, licensing and development agreements, access to clinical trial results through data transfer agreements or material transfer agreements Creating opportunities to exploit new technologies during Apinnov (the annual technology transfer event of AP-HP) or at French and international industry […]

  • L6631

    Research collaboration agreements

    Look for academic, industry and public sector partners to develop joint research programs ; Negotiate research collaboration agreements  involving AP-HP teams and industry partners Negotiate collaboration contracts with industry during clinical trials sponsored by AP-HP.  

  • géluleur - porteur de projet

    Young companies creation

    50 companies created  based on innovations patented by AP-HP and its partners Assistance for project initiators throughout their business creation process, by presenting their companies to Paris incubators (mainly Paris Biotech Santé, Agoranov, Genopôle of Evry, Biocitech) and funding institutions (banks, VCs, Business angels) Logistic and legal support: intellectual property, licenses and sublicenses, institutional funding […]

  • Industrial Patnerships

    Industrial partnerships on hospital sites

    OTTLIV has set up industrial partnership platforms (IPPs) that bring clinical and academic resources together with industry players on a single hospital site so they can be right at the center of networks of innovative excellence. These include : Hematology-oncology-transplants Neurological and motor disability Technologies for elderly patients • OTTLIV also arranges for hosting of […]

  • Training Meeting

    Training AP-HP teams

    Explaining how new university hospital funding works with the partial link to the French MERRI : funding for training, research and innovation ; OTTLIV talks regularly with directors in charge of research in each hospital group to identify and monitor projects and train them in developing innovations ; Training , symposia and briefings ; Outside […]