Paris Hospitals’ technology transfer arm, OTTLIV, holds its 9th APinnov annual conference

Conference takes place July 2, 2012 at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and will mark the launch and award of the first “Innovation Trophies” for outstanding projects

Paris, June 27, 2012 – OTTLIV, the technology transfer arm of one of the world’s leading public health establishments, AP-HP (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris), will hold its 9th APinnov annual conference in Paris next week.

AP-HP brings together 37 Paris hospitals, including university and teaching establishments, and enjoys close associations with world-famous bodies such as Inserm, the CNRS, the Institut Curie, the Institut Gustav Roussy, the Institut Pasteur, and France’s nuclear energy agency (CEA).

The APinnov annual business convention aims to showcase AP-HP-originated innovations and to encourage the transfer of medical technology so as to maintain continued improvements in the quality of hospital care.

OTTLIV (Office of Technology Transfer, Licensing and Industrial Ventures), a small team of professionals, has turned APinnov into an unmissable event in the innovation calendar. It brings together all key players in the public and private sectors involved in technology transfer benefitting patients, from all those following, financing, developing or protecting innovation.

Innovators with projects to develop and finance can meet potential partners from industry, small and medium medical companies, organizations that provide assistance, and investors. This year some 39 projects will be presented.

APinnov awards the first “Innovation Trophies” in partnership with CDC Entreprises and INPI

This year, OTTLIV will announce the winners of its first “APinnov Innovation Trophies” awarded in partnership with CDC Entreprises, an arm of the French government’s Caisse des Dépôts, investing in more than 3,000 small and medium companies in France, and INPI, France’s intellectual property and patent office. These will reward one outstandingly innovative patent and one start-up from AP-HP.

In the category “Outstanding Patent 2012”, OTTLIV selected a shortlist of 10 patents out of the 115 candidates from AP-HP patents registered between 2009 and 2011.

In the category “Start-up of the year 2012”, OTTLIV chose ten out of 45 companies spun out of AP-HP and created between 2009 and 2012. Factors taken into account include scientific merit, the business model proposed and development potential.

From these initial selections, three patents and three start-ups have been nominated for the awards and a winner will be announced during the event.

As well as the awards ceremony, APinnov will also be holding round tables on subjects of current interest in the industry, such as future investments, how to source innovative projects and the development of projects in the university hospital environment. The day’s program is here:

Conference delegates will also have opportunities to meet and set up personalized meetings with OTTLIV partners at the APinnov Village. These include CDC Entreprises, INPI, Institut de la Vision, Biocitech, Medicen, Novagraaf, Cabinet Ores, Agoranov, Centre d’Entrepreneuriat et d’Innovation from HEC Paris, Paris Biotech Santé, Genopole, Campus Cancer and Communauté d’Agglomération Plaine Centrale du Val-de-Marne.

“This 9th edition of APinnov really demonstrates the hospital innovation potential of AP-HP – and especially how it can be developed into viable and sustainable business projects,” said Florence Ghrenassia, director of OTTLIV. “AP-HP was one of the first to lead the way in transferring technology from university hospitals. OTTLIV, and its APinnov conference, are the catalyst for innovative projects and support for technology transfer.”

“AP-HP is in the top 50 French organizations applying for international patents for the second year running,” said Mireille Faugère, managing director of AP-HP. “Making the most of the innovations developed by our teams and assisting with the implementation of their projects remain major challenges for AP-HP. In this regard, we signed a three-year cooperation convention earlier this year with CDC Entreprises in order to facilitate access to finance for companies spun out of AP-HP.”

Last year’s APinnov successfully brought together 375 delegates, including 98 from industry, and 94 from bodies that support innovation including investors, incubators, and other sources of finance. At least 95 business meetings were held.

Also in 2011, OTTLIV generated EUR 22.4 million in revenues – a rise of 32 per cent on 2010. It submitted 50 patent portfolios in fields including biotechnology, diagnostics, biomaterials, medical devices, medicines, genetics, and cell and gene therapies. Other achievements last year included the setting up of 256 contracts covering research collaborations, partnerships, access to clinical trial results and databases. Altogether 45 start-ups have been created including four in 2011, based on innovations generated by hospital activities and medical research carried out at AP-HP or by its academic partners.

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The Office of Technology Transfer, Licensing and Industrial Ventures protects and leverages innovations produced by patient care and by clinical, laboratory and other research carried out by the Paris public health hospitals, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris. OTTLIV benefits from AP-HP’s massive resources. AP-HP is the leading sponsor of clinical trials in Europe and employs 17,000 doctors and pharmacists out of a total of 90,000. 900 of these are directly involved in clinical trials.

OTTLIV provides energetic support to inventors and those with special know-how, and sets up privileged partnerships with French or international companies in the healthcare and biotechnology industries and with other research organizations. The aim is to create the optimal conditions for a collaboration that starts with an innovative concept and ends with bringing to market a product or service that will ultimately benefit the patient.

It organizes the annual APinnov conference in June which brings together key players and those involved in the transfer of medical technologies. It also regularly attends the US BIO conference.

AP-HP holds 442 patent families, is involved in 609 R&D partnerships and has granted some 167 licenses concerning innovative projects. It continues through OTTLIV to leverage its partnerships with industry. OTTLIV’s work brings more than EUR 20 million to the AP-HP itself.

OTTLIV’s French name is OTT&PI (Office du Transfert de Technologies et des Partenariats Industriels de l’Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris).